Metal Products

Metal Products

NON-FERROUS METALS - Materials and Products

We provide products and scrap metal alloy non-ferrous metals, according to the requests and needs of each client:

Aluminum, brass, copper, brass, lead, zinc, magnesium, zamak, steel, nickel, block printing, plate, pot, Profile, chip, wire and cable copper and aluminum cans, radiators, wheels, batteries and scrap several .

  • • Raw Material:

    Aluminum ingots, brass, lead, brass or zinc zamak. Primary and secondary aluminum, steel billets and bars.

    • Semi-finished products:

    Drawn, Rolled Products, Extruded Products (Copper, Aluminum and Brass), Rebar 8 mm aluminum profile sheets.


    Aluminum profiles, aluminum frames (doors, windows, tilting), batteries, copper wire, blocks, stamping, zinc plates, copper plates, pots, chips, cans, radiators, wheels.